The Annual Register for the Year 1767, 7th November

From The Annual Register, or a View of the History, Politics, and Literature for the Year 1767

7th November

“…about eleven o’clock in the morning, he was fetched out of gaol, and taken to Petsarn [Pensarn], the place of execution; but was very desirous of being hanged within the walls of the castle, which was denied him. On the road to the gallows he walked so fast, that the spectators could hardly keep up with him, still cursing and swearing that the respite was real, and calling the under-sheriff a scoundrel for taking away his life with the reprieve in his pocket; he further said, that the Lord Chief Justice will take the matter in hand and many will suffer by it; and it is reported that he desired his wife to insert his trial, execution etc. in the London papers; and at the gallows delivered her two letters, but the contents are not known. He made no confession at all, but declared he never wronged any person of a shilling in his life, and in a manner denied the crime for which he suffered. He mounted the ladder boldly, and addressed the spectators thus: “Gentlemen, now is the time, do as you please, you have my reprieve in your custody.” He prayed for about five minutes and then said: “I am ready,” and was turned off before one o’clock.”


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