How welcome was transportation in the colonies?

From The Pennsylvania Gazette April 11, 1751: “When we see our Papers fill’d continually with Accounts of the most audacious Robberies, the most cruel Murders, and infinite other Villainies perpetrated by Convicts transported from Europe, what melancholly, what terrible Reflections must it occasion! What will become of our Posterity!—These are some of thy Favours, Britain! Thou … Continue reading How welcome was transportation in the colonies?


Notes on Transportation

The Transportation Act 1717 introduced into the house of commons under the Whig government, legitimised transportation as a direct sentence. Clergyable felons, usually destined for branding on the thumb, and petty larceny convicts, usually destined for public whipping, were directly sentenced to transportation to the American colonies for seven years. A sentence of fourteen years … Continue reading Notes on Transportation